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Where I turn my emotions into words

As the sun sets, daylight begins to fall into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving room for the night sky to bloom. Where streetlights glow and kids wander home waiting for the morning to come, we settle in bed left with the hope of a possible future together. At least, that is…

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

The sun grazes across your face gently, knowing with you to be delicate.

To take the time to enhance every part of your beauty, to admire how the world has built you from the warmth of its core, and how proud it must feel to have the chance to brighten…

I sit within this bed and allow these sheets to create a home around my skin

and when the coldness finally strikes

the memories of you start to fade back in

Like the time you rushed to tell me you love my words, how I listen, my body

And then…

I find myself lost in the stars sometimes, they remind me of you and I

How our voices come together like a harmony the angels had once sung and how our fingers collide as if they've travelled light years to see each other just one last time

There are days…

we keep bouncing back to each other endlessly

and we both know how this ends, but I still crave to feel you against me, to feel the warmth of your…

It took me a while to finally wash you off every crevice of my skin, to be able to hear your voice without a part of me breaking inside


I have been searching for a way to let you go since we last parted

since the last morning, I was within your grip, the last time I had tasted the sweetness of your lips, and the warmth of your existence

but in spite of everything, I still hope that…

I’m afraid to be alone

to have no one to hold me when my world is drenched and I’m drowned within my thoughts

When the wind is creeping in through…

I understand that at some point, I must let you go

but I find myself lost in the memories of us, the moments you would hold me close, kissing on my neck and telling me everything will be okay

and I still hope that maybe I’ll experience us once more…

Your presence makes me feel warm on the coldest nights; on the nights where my soul feels frozen until you walk in through the door

where you’d pin me down and draw me open like a map, lifting each bit of anger out of my heart

where this lust built…

Melissa sheppard

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